Extensions at HOLY HAIR

We work with extensions in different ways, both with tape and keratinwax. With extensions we make your hair longer and thicker, or fill it with beautiful color effects! The hair we use comes from Italian SHE, that is an internationally well known company on the hair extension market. The hair is 100% human Indian Temple hair, a hair of highest quality, which mixes very well with fine Scandinavian hair. The hair is available in 70 different colors and shades, in straight, wavy and curly, and the length is 35-70 cm.

Temple hair

Why it's called temple hair? Well, as tradition goes Indian women went to the temple to sacrifice their hair to the gods, in order to bring luck and happiness to their family. The hair was then collected by the temple's monks, who sold it to provide for orphans with food and education. Simply a story behind each hair!

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