Good to know about our haircuts:

Therefore, we have chosen to skip the old boring and totally outdated concepts "dam"And"herr"When it comes to haircuts, and choose instead to charge for the time we lay down on the job, no matter who you are or what you have between your legs ...

How do I know what kind of cut I'll book?

It's super easy! Our cuts are divided into 45, 60 and 75 minutes. If your hair is 5 cm or less, book 45 minutes. If your hair is longer than 5 cm, book 60 minutes. Each stylist level has its own fixed price on the various trims, take a look at our price list! There you can also read about the different stylist levels and what they mean, if you are not sure which type of stylist you want to book.

In standard trim (45/60 min) includes laundry and ankle styling. If you want extra styling, you need to instead book Cutting with extra styling, 75 minSo that we certainly have time for everything! Are you ready for a 75-minutes, clipping, so we have a total of three to choose from:

  • Deluxe (washing, wrapping, cutting, styling, coloring fringes / honing, picking)
  • OLAPLEX (washing, olaplex intensive treatment, cutting, styling)
  • EXTRA STYLING (washing, cutting, styling extra)

How do I get $ 50 off my cut?

If after the first mowing book a new appointment on the spot with your stylist before you go out on the town and is attractive, and if the new time of booking is within 6 weeks. Then the next cut $ 50 cheaper. And maybe the next after that. And the next after that. And the next one after that ... And so on.

Each time I book?


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