Good to know about our haircuts:

How do I know what kind of cut I should book?

It's super easy! Our cuts are divided into 40, 50 and 70 minutes. If your hair is 5 cm or shorter, book 40 minutes. If your hair is longer than 5 cm, book 50 minutes. Each stylist level has its own fixed prices on the various cuttings, take a look at our price list! There you can also read about the different stylist levels and what they mean, if you are not sure which type of stylist you want to book.

The standard cut (40/50 min) includes washing and simple styling. If you want extra styling, you need to book Cutting with extra styling, 70 min, so that we certainly have time for everything! If you are you ready for a 70-minute cutting, we have a total of five alternatives to choose from:

  • DELUXE (Washing, hair mask, cutting, styling, coloring lashes / brows, plucking)
  • OLAPLEX (Washing, olaplex intensive treatment, cutting, styling)
  • EXTRA STYLING (Washing, cutting, additional styling)
  • TONING (Simple fresh up of existing color, cutting, styling)
  • CONSULTATION (Extra long consultation, cutting, styling)

How do I get 50 SEK off my cut?

If you after the first cut book a new appointment on the spot with your stylist before you leave the salon looking fabulous, and if the new time of booking is within 6 weeks. Then your next cut 50 SEK cheaper. And maybe the next one after that. And the next one after that. And the next one after that ... And so on.

Where do I book?


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