Generally speaking, one can say that waxing is a very common method to quickly and easily remove unwanted hair from larger areas of skin on the body, such as legs, back, or maybe chest. We also wax smaller areas that require more precision and knowledge, as eyebrows, other facial hair and the notorious brazilian waxing. We use both cold and hot wax, and costumize the method after your need.

Is it painful?

The most common question we get about waxing, is of course if it hurts. The answer is both yes and no. The first time is always the worst. You are often are a little tense and nervous, the follicles are intact and the hair is especially thick. After the first time it just gets easier every time. Moreover, our first-time customers usually say that it actually was not as bad as they had imagined.

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing, also known as intimate waxing, means removing all or most of the pubic hair. There is nothing strange about this at all, and it is much more common than you might think. We perform intimate waxing only on people with a vajayjay.

We emphasize the importance of hygiene, and during your brazilian waxing, just as in any other waxing treatment, disposable equipment like disposable gloves, disposable spatulas, sterile tweezers etc are used. We gladly answer all of your questions and concerns that may arise before, during and after your treatment. But in order to help you prepare for your treatment, we have gathered the most important information below.

What to consider before and after

The length of the hair plays a major role in all types of wax treatments. You should have a hair growth at about 5-7 millimeters for an optimal result. If the hair is too short they don't come off when you pull off the wax and hair will remain after the wax. If you've recently shaved, you should wait about 3 weeks before the next treatment. We also recommend that you scrub or exfoliate the area to be waxed regularly. Doing so removes redundant layers of skin so that hairs easier grow out of the skin, and thus can more easily be waxed off. It also prevents ingrown hairs.

After waxing, avoid sunbathing, swimming and exercising for at least 48 hours. The follicles are namely open then, and much more susceptible to bacteria. You should also avoid using perfumed products on the waxed area, and is happy to shower a little cooler than usual.

We are all more or less sensitive, and skin irritation can occur after waxing. It can manifest itself in the form of redness or small spots on the skin. This is harmless and usually disappears within a few days.

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